We adapt like we always do

It’s been a month which means I’ve been to the hospital and it is time to update all you wonderful amazing people who take the time to read and follow my journey though this crazy thing called life. First let me say, that my blood type has changed again. Craziness really and not really a great thing, but  when I started all this I was B+ then I went though a lot of chemo and radiotherapy and had a stem cell transplant and my blood group became A+ now not so much good news but all my own cells have returned and I am back to being B+. The human body is beyond complex and amazing.

So my CT scan results are in and unfortunately the news isn’t  what we hoped for but it isn’t unexpected either. My scan showed a shadowing on my adrenal gland or however you spell it. it is located above my kidneys and apparently my kidneys are struggling.I am off my water tablets and the pain in my lower back is related to these findings.  Basically the leukemia is infiltrating  my kidney and gland. It is also in my blood. My blood count yesterday was 7.5 so I was brought in today for 2 bags of blood. I was retested this morning and it had dropped to 7.2. What does that mean …. the leukemia is affecting my blood production and I will probably need transfusions more regularly.I will also need to go to the hospital more regularly for my blood tested. It also means on paper my time is limited but then again it was limited in january so who knows. Basically when I asked I was told how long is a piece of string. No one knows how much time we have left. Up till now I have defied all odds and I plan on continuing to do that now. Am I scared yes, am I worried yes am I afraid a little am I human and not a robot yes.

What else does these mean, I may need to rest more, so that on the days we do things I can manage it.  We may need to adapt a bit and cancel some plans but we keep going, this changes nothing.

Our family fun list now includes my momma coming tomorrow and being able to swim with her and my lil family, meeting Jodi Piccoult (my favourite author) , Thanksgiving, seeing Father Christmas, lunch with dear friends who are family, Steam train with Father Christmas, Dream works exhibition in St Georges Hall, Christmas Science workshop, hopefully the Manchester Markets, Seeing the philharmonic orchestra with the girls in a toddler Santa special the pipe dream of skyping with Ellen……. and anything else that comes up in the meantime. If we can’t do something then we cancel we adjust we adapt. Thats what we do. We just keep swimming.  We celebrate that we are here and embrace each other a little tighter and say I love you like we mean it. We cherish each day. I don’t know how my story will end, none of us do, but never will it say I gave up! Thanks for reading…. just keep swimming.




3 thoughts on “We adapt like we always do”

  1. I am so thankful that your mum, and other family members, have managed to visit – I only wish I could too. However, I love the way you keep us all connected with this blog and continue to be a medical miracle. Heaps and heaps and heaps of love from your Australian family.


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