3 year rollercoaster anniversary

It’s been a month and I realised Ive not done an update. I was at the hospital last week for my clinic appointment. I had been struggling with stomach pains and my right side hurting. I am waiting on a liver scan and ct scan to see what is going on inside me. We aren’t sure if it’s wear and tear, something fixable, or I have an enlarged liver or spleen. I was given some tablets for my stomach which have helped with the cramping.  I just can’t lay on my right side at night as it hurts. I was struggling with my right shoulder as well, that comes and goes for no rhyme or reason but when it does I just have to take the pain meds and relax. Im doing quite well really and can’t complain. My levels are good and we are making plans for the coming months which is fun. I need to still balance doing and relaxing but this is all a matter of learning to really listen to my body. My doctors are still in awe with me so that makes me happy.

We have been busy making the most of the beautiful autumn weather here over the last month visiting some farms and the safari park as well as doing a toddler plod to raise money for POD at guillvers world. All in all making memories as best we can.

We still get to swim every week which is amazing. the girls are doing so well and love it and my body says thank you each and every time. The amazing friends we have that help us are incredible. We are so very blessed. I can’t explain the freedom swimming gives me and the opportunity to play with the girls. Its just amazing.

The girls have been going to science class and dance class as well which they love. It’s so cute to see them make friends. We went and looked at their school for next year. They loved it as did we. They seemed happy to go and play and explore without us. They looked so old. We couldn’t be prouder. We love having them home with us but knowing where they will be going next year and that they liked it is a good feeling.

AND i got on a horse. It was beyond amazing and very emotional. My body went right back to where it remembered and it felt like going home. I can’t explain and unless you have had that relationship with a horse I’m not sure you’d understand it fully. Yes I needed help yes I needed a ramp. But I stayed on the horse on my own. I had a leader and someone walking along beside me chatting but not holding my leg.  The girls were so excited to see momma on a horse. I couldn’t stop smiling.

This is a short one as my shoulder is still a bit fragile and I don’t want to over do it. But I wanted to keep you all update. We am here living life as best we can. Happy to make plans and you know what if we can’t do them then we cancel. Its better to plan and dream then to sit and do nothing. Each day is a miracle to me. A true gift. In 5 days it will be 3 years since I was diagnosed. Scary to think where the 3 years have gone. I mean I know but still life is crazy and goes by so fast. Enjoy it all the mundane and the huge.These 3 years have been and continue to be a huge roller coaster ride that we are blessed to live. |Until next time…..Just keep swimming.

Ellen update…. I have heard nothing. I e-mailed and mentioned the person who called me but haven’t heard back. Im still here Ellen still swimming, still trying to spread the word about loving and cherishing life no matter what. That is what we will do.

Much Love to you all for your caring thoughts, prayers and positive vibes you are all amazing and we are so grateful for your kindness and support and to have you in our lives.



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