Gratitude looking for a positive……. Paying it forward Challenge

First, as always I’ll update you on my health… Well I’m still here the antibiotics for my chest infection are working but I still struggle catching my breath and laughing still sends me needing my inhaler. However, I feel it’s getting better slowly I have another week on antibiotics so fingers crossed. My mobility is what it is and my weakened chest doesn’t help. At 34, I despise stairs. Seriously what is the need haha

Anyway, as for my blog post…. After chatting lots with friends I feel I need to gain Ellen’s attention once again. I want to do another video to remind her and her producers that I’m still here, still swimming, still waiting to hear of any more news about skyping my idol, Ellen Degeneres. 

Talking about her then brought me onto a new mission or challenge…  using the power of positive thinking to take over social media. I see all these spouse challenges or parent challenges which are great but what if you don’t fit into that category. But sharing a positive about your day can and I’m sure does happen to everyone if you look. It could be huge…. Winning the lottery…. To mundane…. Getting a shower this morning to getting a good hug to ….making someone smile. Seeing an amazing sun set or a shooting star. Being grateful for life and positive I personally think is beyond the best medicine. I think when you start to look for positives rather then negatives you will be surprised how much good there is in your life even in the most dismal circumstances. It’s a choice you have to make, a way of life. Don’t get me wrong life is tough, bad things very bad things happen the challenge is to find something anything just one thing that was good or positive. I think if you throw good vibes and positive energy out there that energy will come back to you. I understand not everyone will agree with me…. But when you live like your dying…. Which by the way for me isn’t like the Tim McGraw song as when your body is slowly deteriorating traveling the world or climbing a mountain is not fesible. However, being inspired to share what you are learning about the true meaning of life, the true value of family and friends, of giving love and being loved and of pure kindness and acceptance is the foundation of life. 

I suppose this leads me to the second part of my challenge…. Paying a good deed forward. I’m not suggesting this needs to be advertised. Actually none of my challenges need to be advertised though sometimes sharing reminds others but anyway….. Your good deed can be as simple as taking in your neighbors bin, smiling at a stranger, helping out or  then huge like I don’t know whatever you can do but if we all did something small for someone else imagine the ripple effect we could create. You could help me leave an even bigger legacy.  I have been humbled by the amount of generosity shown to myself and family from those close to us as well as complete strangers. It is beyond humbling and was very hard to accept at first especially as I would much prefer to be a giver but I have learned there are still ways we can help. Also teaching my girls to have a grateful heart is a huge value in our lives. We are truly blessed and sharing our blessings in any way we can is very important. 

So this brings me back to Ellen Degeneres and everything she stands for positivity, celebrating the human spirit of persurvence, being kind to one another and helping those around us.  To being the best human being we can be. Every night I tell my girls….. They are the best Emma Rose….. lily Grace in the whole wide world. That they are kind, clever beautiful strong and brave and how much I love them. I thank them for being them. Their chests puff out and you can see their self esteem grow. As a parent I feel that is an important job I can do. The world can be a scary, tough, hard place my job is to be their number one cheerleader. Sorry I get off topic…..

Basically I challenge you the vital members of team Sandra…. My just keep swimming cheerleaders…. My positive vibes and endless supporters…… To think of something positive that has happened to you that day something good and send that energy into the universe…. Then during your day look at a simple way to pay a kind act forward….. This may not be possible everyday but I strongly believe the more you look the more opportunities you will find….. I do believe in miracles and the fact I’m still here is to me proof miracles happen I think the miracle of time is happening to me for however long because of the positive energy I am surrounded by and that is sent our way….. No matter when my time is up I still believe a miracle has occurred in my life and I am beyond grateful which is why I thought of this challenge as a way to share the positive energy I’ve been sent to others. I’m not perfect in fact I’m far from it…. I’m just a momma  a 34 year old woman facing her own mortality and hoping that at some point  in my short life I made a difference…..  Thank you for reading and helping me accomplish this…… 

My gratitude thought for today was the ability to take my girls to see Gruffalo’s child and experience a live show with them for the first time to have Emma on my lap and be alive for it. My paying it forward was sending out messages of strength and love to a few people that I felt compelled to share with. That was today who knows what tomorrow will bring…. So the question is do you accept……. Just swimming…… 


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